Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Tis' the Season

Assingment was to play with the light and change the season. The first one was really just an experiment just trying to get a handle on the lighting.

My favorite is the second one, this one I wanted to have fun with and such. I love using the Visor in Maya. Here is Summer and Winter

1 comment:

  1. Great job, Dillon!

    both feel very nice, nice touch with the snow!

    a few points:
    summer feels like it could use a bit more light on the mountains.. maybe an rim light to bring out the tops.. (so a new light linked just to the mountains).. and the key light, the one I had coming from the camera could probably be a little weaker, so it doesn't feel like its coming from close to the camera.. (that light in YOUR scene now probably serves as the "bounce" light .. Light reflected from the ground by the surroundings, which could be orangish)

    the winter one..
    love it!

    this is a perfect example where light linking helps.. looks like one of my lights is adding a "flashlight-hanging-in-space" effect.. You might want to add another light that represents the moonlight that's linked just to the snow.. (so it would come from the same direction as the rim light, but be a lot weaker and just illuminate the snow).. all other lights would be unlinked from the snow.

    also, you can totally change the mountains for the winter one to a bluish/whitish snowy color..

    If you make new versions, do keep these around on here.. would be good to show the class as an example..