Saturday, September 24, 2011

More Details in Crane

So I wanted the building with the crane to have some features of an elephant. I'll most likely give it more detail in the coming time.

Yes the Crane does move AND works but for some reason playblast won't work for me. I know how to do it but the video just disappears... I can't find it no matter where I look.

Any feedback would be nice b4 Monday


  1. Hey Dillon,

    When you go to playblast options,
    you need to check "save to file" option and browse to location where you want to save it, and give it a name.. Then playblast.
    The file should be generated where you specified.

    On the model:
    these are just suggestions, but
    would be cool to see beveling on the edges of the big box and on the bottom edge of the cone holding the grip claw. Also some sort of treatment for the area where the tusks connect with the body, so they are not just sticking out.

    The sphere out of which the rope comes out can use a little love. (Maybe a hole for the spot where the rope comes out of?)


  2. Thanks Alex. I'll start working on the details right away