Sunday, October 2, 2011

Week 5 - Crane project

It took me a while but here is my updated version of the crane. So I added the hole and some detail to the tusks (thank you Alex) and I later decided to give my window a balcony. Originally I wasn't gonna give it one but then I took another look at the huge file from class and thought a balcony would be good. Hopefully by next class I'll learn to make this crane even better


  1. hey Dillon, nice details!
    Makes sense about the window.

    I feel like the beveling on the main window box is too big.. If you really want that bevel that size there, you would almost need ANOTHER bevel to get a nice thin edge..

    If you got time, would be cool to put the green man character on
    that balcony. Id like to make sure your scale matches the group project scale. (Do not resize the green man, rather resize the crane/window if the scales don't match .. Instructions for exporting the green man from the main scene file and importing into your file are on my blog)..

  2. No problem. I'll have plenty of time to fix the box and even put the green man on my window